Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bad, Badder, Baddest B*tch: Mary J. Blige, Keyshia Cole, Lil Kim (Gangsta B*tch Edition)

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These women aint afraid to say what's on their minds and make no bones about the shit they been through.
Whose Bad?
Whose Badder?
Whose the Baddest?
(All things considered)


Tiffany said...

Bad Lil Kim
Badder Keyshia Cole
Baddest Mary J Blige

Anonymous said...

considering all things.....i think ima agree with tiffany!!

Bad Lil Kim
Badder Keyshia Cole
Baddest Mary J Blige

hard tho! cause back in the day lil kim was better!

Anonymous said...

o yea... love the new layout!

rayqueenbee said...

Bad: Lil Kim
Badder: Keyshia Cole
Baddest: MJB

oso ABC said...

Well in 2010, I have to say Kim has fallen backwards.

Bad: Kim
Badder: MJB
Baddest: Keyshia

Even though Keyshia is pregnant and about to jump the broom, she still has it. The whole MJB thing wasn't enough controversy for me. LMAO!

**WhoB3tter** said...

1st off Kim wouldve been the baddest but shes just F'in up lately. Surgery and all her antics.
So here goes:
Badder < K. Cole>
Baddest shes the Queen of R&B and still is doing her thing at this age. Who could deny this

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