Monday, December 28, 2009

Your Best Moments In 2009, Let Me Know.

2009 is rapidly coming to an end and I must say this was a pretty good year for me. I started this wonderful blog that I love so much, my beautiful niece was born, I saw my father who I hadn't seen in 5 years and I rekindled a flame that has made the happiest woman alive.
What were some of your best moments in 2009?


Lipglass and Handbags said...

2009 was a pretty good year for me as well!! I graduated from college, got a great paying job, went to the inauguration of the first black president, rekindled a flame of my own, saw Beyonce @ Madison Square Garden, went to Disney World.....and I'm healthy and alive above everything!!! GREAT YEAR!!

rayqueenbee said...

2009 was pretty much started all horrible in terms of relationship. From there I started my blog & it has been my pleasure meeting everyone on it. I have found so much comfort in it and it helped me to tak my mind off crazy things, rekindled a flame later down in the yr, while I look back on the start of the year till now, I have to give Thanks because I am bless and have been fortunate enough to have all his blessings.

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