Monday, December 7, 2009

Tiger Woods, Are We Trippin Off Him Cheating Or His Image?

I will say that I was shocked when I first found out about Tiger Woods and his infidelity. Now finding out there are at least 10 women who claim to have been with him during his marriage has definitely got me trippin. But I'm not so sure if its because he cheated (because lets keep it real) or if its because of this image he portrayed all these years. You look at Tiger Woods and see a man who is wholesome, intelligent and pretty much a goody two-shoes. Before this scandal, I never EVER heard anything negative about him.

Here's the latest on Tiger:

--Tiger is offering his wife $5 million to stay at this moment, but the amount can go up to $80 million (prenups and all).

--10 women have come forward claiming to have been with him during his marriage (3 of them have not yet been identified).

This is a video of one of his jump-offs. She claimes "he just used me for sex". Smh, what ELSE could he have been using you for?

Your opinions?


oso ABC said...

I don't think we're worried about him cheating because men cheat on a daily basis and are, more than anything, encouraged. His image of being a 'biracial family man', kind of mirroring our President is at state. I say this because he's successful, he's done a lot for young kiddie golfers, he's never been in tabloids. But I don't believe the ten women. Come on now, ten of 'em? I think some of those women are of his past, before his wife came along. Females just want attention, couldn't wait for this athlete to fall.

Thickdiva24 said...

I have to agree with the above statement. I definitely think its his image that has us gasping bcuz at the end of the day he is a MAN.

a.k.a Nee said...

For me it is a matter of both. I am very big on marriage and I believe that it is still sacred although modern society has proven over time that its value is not what it use to be. For him or any man, to step out of his marriage is the ultimate betrayal (at least for me). I can not respect a man who jeopardize his family for a few moments of pleasure.

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