Friday, December 11, 2009

Where Are They Now: Cast Of "My Brother And Me" (1994)

 I was on twitterand the top trending topic was #igrewupon. There's no doubt many of us grew up watching Nickelodeon. One of my absolute favorite shows was "My Brother & Me". The sitcom didnt last long (only stayed on for a season, even though it seems longer). I was curious to see what the cast is doing nowadays or at least how they look now.

Arthur Reggie III (Alfie Parker)
Now 26 years old in Los Angeles, he hasnt done any acting since the show. He was on a few early episodes of "Martin". He now considers himself a rapper, has no children and smokes a helluva lot of weed. Something told me he would be the "rebel".

Jimmy Lee Newton (Milton "Goo" Berry)
Now 27 years old in CA, he hasnt done much acting either since the show. He did have an appearance on "Sister, Sister". He is a father.
His myspace (last login a while ago) >> http://www.myspace.com/mr_ruffrida1

Ralph Woolfolk IV (Derek ‘Dee Dee’ Parker)
Now 24 years old in Atlanta, he hasnt acted at all since the show. He played baseball at Morehouse College and is doing quite well for himself. He is definitely sexy nowadays and from his facebook pictures it looks like he may in a serious relationship.

Amanda Seales AKA Amanda Diva (Dionne)
Now 28 years old in Orlando, she is the most successful of all of them. I didn't even realize that was actually her on the show. She has been on MTV as a veejay, has a Master's in African-American studies from Columbia University and replaced Natalie in the music duo Floetry.


AGILES said...

Daaaamn Dee Dee!! "Don't hold you breathe" was def my fav quote lol. And shout to the AUC, what a fine Morehouse man he is!!! Wish he could've been my Morehouse brother lol Lawd!

Tia-Lachelle said...

Wow! Its funny cause I was wondering what they were up to also. I loved this show.

Mr. (O-Pen-Yawn-8-ted) said...

Nice Post, this was a cool twist off the twitter TT

NiC-KIA said...


kia poison of tasteless diamonds.

misz, redd.♥ said...

yo i remember this show hahaha.! even tho i was only like one

todd2mike said...

i'm glad to see what they are doing now, i loved the show coming up as a kid. i was five years old when the show air October 15, 1994. i miss those days

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