Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Poppin Them Babies Out, Jennifer Hudson Expecting Again

According to Star Magazine, Jennifer Hudson, who just gave birth 4 months ago, is pregnant again.
“Jennifer was in total shock when she found out she was having another baby,” says her close friend, who adds that the couple learned they were expecting on Dec. 10. “She had wanted some space between the kids’ ages.”

Still, the star, 28, has embraced her second pregnancy.

“She and David love kids,” says the pal. “It’s another thing for them to celebrate during the holidays.”

Some may consider it to be too soon, but congrats to Jennifer x David.

Update: According to People Mag, Jennifer is NOT pregnant. Guess we'll see what's what if the belly pops out.


Tasha said...

WOW! thats very soon, but congrats.

rayqueenbee said...

Congrats to her.

* ! zodiac ! * said...

awww, i hope she's happy! girl!! i am about to drive myself crazy trying to find a new template so my blog can look different for the new year can you please please please help me out, because i looked up free blogger themes on google and needless to say i almost yanked my hair out! lol, im about to look like danger lol, i just need the template and ill customize it from there : )

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