Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Marry, F*ck, Kill: Ginuwine, Nick Cannon, The Dream (Cuffed Edition)

(LtoR: Ginuwine, Nick Cannon, The Dream)

Yesss, its back!
Who would you Marry?
Who would you F*ck?
Who would you Kill? (Hypothetically)


Tasha said...

Marry - Ginuwine
Fuck - The Dream
Kill - Nick Cannon

rayqueenbee said...

Marry- Ginuwine
Fuck- The Dream
Kill- Nick Cannon

Thickdiva said...

Marry - Nick Cannon (he's sexy to me and a good man)
Fuck - Ginuwine
Kill - The Dream

a.k.a Nee said...

Marry - Ginuwine
Fuck - no comment
Kill - Nick Cannon. I hate him.

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