Friday, December 18, 2009

Lil Mama About Nicki Minaj: "What She Represents I Don't. I Focus On Young Girls Respecting Their Bodies"

This chick gives me a laugh EVERY time.


Thickdiva said...

She'll say anything for attention and I'm mad at that red lipstick.

Eury said...

im so over her... lil mama needs to just quit

S Jones Aka Shirley said...

I Never Noticed Lil Mama Has A Five Head....Sheesh...Looks Like A Whole Other Person

rayqueenbee said...

Damn she got a big head....lol

.MochaSista. said...

hey i gave u a blog award!!!
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much love.,

Anonymous said...

shes soooo lamee

Anonymous said...

Miss Amazin.com made my day / lectures ;)

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