Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Janet Jackson In Giant Magazine

Aww! These are pics from the December issue of Giant Magazine, which is reportedly done with production after this issue.

Here is some of the interview:

On her appearance:
“I don’t see myself as a sexy person…. For a long time, I had a hard time finding things I liked about myself physically. I’d never look in the mirror…’cause I didn’t really like what I saw. One day I looked in the mirror because I wanted to find something that I liked about myself—and I started crying. I didn’t see anything.”

On her weight issues:
“I have a very slow metabolism to begin with, not like my sister who loses [weight] very quickly and doesn’t have to lift a thing to do it.”

On thinking of Michael when she recorded "Love 2 Love":
“That song was written and recorded while my brother was going through it. The whole night trying to record, I could not stop crying. Michael was in my mind… Thank God the room I was singing in didn’t have any windows…”

For more pics and more of the interview, check out GIANT MAGAZINE.

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