Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Would You Get Your Man/Woman's Name On Your Body?

So most of you have heard that Fantasia got a tattoo on her shoulder of her boytoy's name. His name is Antwaun Cook. Keep in mind this man was married with a child and she allegedly still dated him. She has since denied that the tattoo was real. Bullshit...with a capital B.

Anyway, I wanna know would you go that mile and put your special someone's name on your body? I'm not gonna lie, I've thought about it. Some say its the stupidest thing you could ever do, and some say that's one of the most profound ways to show you love someone (other than marriage).

Your opinions?


Anonymous said...

noo i wouldnt.. my current.. whateva u wanna call him.. wants me to get a tattoo that he has.. its a g with a crown on top..im not even going to get that because if we break up how am i gonna describe the "g".. to a dude.. there is no "g" in my name..

RavynRae said...

I wouldn't even get my OWN damn name!! When I was younger I thought about it...but I wanted to get one where I'll be able to cover it with a butterfly or something...ain't that dumb?!?!

Ms_Cr0ss said...

Yeah that's a no go situation. I wouldn't even put Jesus on my and I know for sure he ain't going anywhere! Lol...but its just not a good look.


**5 Star Chick** said...

No i would not, even if he put a ring on it b/c you're never sure about how it will all end

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