Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My, What Big Arms You Have

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Am I the only one who thinks Serena Williams has a manly body? I think she is talented x 1000, but dammmmn. Look at those guns.


Tiamaria ; said...

Whoa, too much bench pressing!

**5 Star Chick** said...

Yeah, the arms gotta Go

rayqueenbee said...

damn!!... I have big arms but is she trying to look like a man...gosh!

Tiffany said...

damn I thought that was wesley snipes lol

Ladii_Harlem said...

Ewwww WTF manly lookin chick(imma be nice 2day)

alissy said...

woah she needs a dress to flatter her figure. i have big arms too (not like that) and off the shoulder looks horrend on me and on he is just argh!

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