Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Look Hoe, It Aint That Serious

Last week, I posted a video about a stripper named Moca who went in on Pinky the pornstar. Moca claims that Pinky went after her man, said she can't suck d*ck...a whole bunch of shit. Not that I give a damn, but Lethal Lipps, another well known pornstar came to Pinky's defense and went in on Moca for the things she said. This chick Lethal Lipps and the loud mouth chick in the video make me so PROUD I have a thing called RESPECT for myself.

Peep at the end how she just lets random niggas put oil on her ass. SMDH


rayqueenbee said...

Oh my, damn...do these woman even know the word respect. Gosh!!

Donielle K. said...

this is ridiculous...and they proud that they can suck a mean dick huh? i swear they need to grow up and chill out. how you gone call someone out and both of them hoes??? smh at our community!

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