Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lmao...Stripper Goes Off On Pinky (The Pornstar)

This is completely random. I was browsing the net and came across this video at WorldStarHipHop and this chick gets all loud and obnoxious about pornstars, in particular Pinky for goin' after her man. Lol @ the guy stirrin' stuff up on the low.


мiмi =) said...

wow. all i can say is this chick steady at home worrying about pinky, and pinky aint worried wortha lick abt this low budget stripper. i mean she cute, but, im sayin, i couldnt even get mad at bryan if pinky approach him, course i would be pissed if other things occured, but bitch, really? i was disrespected indirectly, smh. pinky cant take a dick? whatever. pinky that top dollar bitch, that her nigga steady dream about. lls.


this nigga stirrin up drama, remind me of my homeboy sooo much, lls.

SuNSHyNE said...

lmao @ this WHOLE ignorant, triflin conversation. "i can squirt betta than u on a bad day". REALLY?!

.נazzy. ♥♥ said...

bwahahaha... dude sure is defending pinky hard. i wonder what pinky has to say about all of this...
pure hilarity.

☆Reese✮ said...

I'm not even clicking play...just from reading the previous comments I see the chick was popping yang for no reason. Pinky ain't thinkin bout that girl.
smh and wtf is that shirt?

rayqueenbee said...

lol...I must be from 1950's, cause I dont even know who Pinky is...lol. But on the real she sounds so wack cause the dude is giving it to her real.

мiмi =) said...

another sidenote;

her weave is cute doe. i will give her that. keep poppin them tricks, make sure that weave is tight!

**5 Star Chick** said...

I just wanna know who the hell allows her to strip in their club?? (Im just saying)...2ndly "Squirt better than you on your worst day" shouldnt that be on you BEST day. Overall its PURE FUCKERY at its finest or should i say LOWEST

Ms_Cr0ss said...

Wow *smh*...this just set us back 100 years.. So sad.


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