Tuesday, November 10, 2009

HOT OR NOT? Rihanna's Gown At The Glamour Magazine Honors

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Rihanna attended the Glamour Magazine's Women Of The Year Honors ceremony wearing a pretty unique looking gown by Stephane Rolland with a small hip pocket.

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Here's a video of her tribute and accepting her award.


Dizzy♥ said...

Don't particularly like the cascade down her torso, nor the see-thru top..I think if it were only the bunch starting at her knees I'd like it better lol. And her hair is actually nice like that - had no idea where she was tryna go when she first put that blonde in.

Chinkee said...

I actually personally love it because I like weird retro clothing that only certain people can rock... and not many can rock that... so in that case...

its HOT.

**5 Star Chick** said...

Ri-Ri does no wrong in my eyes at the moment

rayqueenbee said...

It's hot in some way and not in another, I really don't like the tail part of the dress, it's too much but she wears it well.

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