Friday, October 30, 2009

Real Chance's "Hot Wings" Really Thinks She's Important Now...Please!

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So it seems like the winner of Real Chance Of Love, Kamille "Hot Wings" Leai, really thinks she's a person of BIG stature now.

Check the fuckery:
Hey guys!

Sooo... by now you’ve heard I’ve won!! Yayy! I wanna do a little something different with the fame I have and will accumulate from being one of the winners on "Real Chance of Love 2". I want to advocate for education, philanthropy and community service. It’s important for communities to come together and support those who at times are unable to support themselves. I personally know what it takes for families and members of the community to help raise and guide a child in need. It’s especially important for black people to encourage one another instead of continuously tearing each other down. We can get so much accomplished if we stick together.

Under the guidance of cLuxury Lifestyle Management & Glenn Toby Management I’ve become aware of how pervasive illiteracy is amongst our youth. So I’ve joined forces with The Book Bank Foundation, one of the most reputable & respected charitable foundations of today. As I strive to achieve greatness, I plan to encourage and inspire others to do so as well daily. I have several upcoming events where I will be giving back to the community. I’ll be keeping everyone updated via my twitter page @Vh1sHotWings.

I’m in the fast lane chasing my dreams now!!!! I plan on obtaining those dreams through helping others and making wise decisions for myself. One of my dreams is to be in love again, especially since things didn’t work out from the show. I’m having a contest where people can submit poems, songs, raps and videos about why each contestant thinks they are the one for me!! The grand prize winner will go on a date with me which will include attending the 2010 NBA All-Star Game.

Lots to do! Watch out for me & my team young world!! I’ll be blogging here again, so look out for my blog entries in the near future. I’m gonna be all over the place!

Kamille “Hot wings” Leai
Bxtch, dont nobody care about you. And the reason it didn't work out is because its nothing but a SHAM from the jump.

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Anonymous said...

LOL..this chick needs to sit the hell down. She aint nobody..

Anonymous said...

LMFAO!!! iAgree! H03 have a seat!

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