Thursday, October 8, 2009

Marry, F*ck, Kill: Idris Elba, Lance Gross, Tyrese (Sexual Chocolate Edition)

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(L to R, Idris Elba, Lance Gross, Tyrese)

You know how it goes.
Who would you MARRY?
Who would you FUCK?
Who would you KILL? (Not literally people)

This might be a hard one, and that's why I picked them. Hahaha!!


Juicy Carter said...

marry lance, fuck tyrese (he did his ex wife dirty so i cant marry that) and I dont wanna kill any of them cus they all fine but i guess it would have to be Idris cus that accent drives me crazy.

SuNSHyNE said...

marry idris, fuck tyrese (u seen baby boy!) and kill lance :( that was a hard one!

Anonymous said...

i cant pick none of them.. i wanna marry lance cuz then i can f him all i want lol.. idris is my mamas favorite so she can have him lol.. and tyrese.. mmmm Jesus.. soo hard

.× azzy. ♥♥ said...

oh...okay...i would...
marry: all of them
fuck: all of them
kill: no one...

marry: idris
kill:lance (in the bedroom)

that was super hard!

kimee said...

fuck lance, marry tyrese, kill idris

NIC-KIA said...

marry lance so he cld get it morning, noon & nite!!
fuck tyrese....i bet he go hard hahaha! (u seen babyboy) i remember that apology sex!
kill Idris...i feel bad for sayin that :(

-Darling Nikky of Tasteless Diamonds

khaki said...

eh- marry lance.

Fuck Idris

Kill Tyrese... He hasnt been cute to me since the Coke commercials. However, his body is banging and he could probably sing the panties off of me... sooooo I'd probably get get some D first.

kimee said...

naw i change my answer
switch lance & tyrese lol
tyrese seem freakyyyy :)

Ladii_Harlem said...

Marry Tyrese
Fu*k Idris
Kill Lance

Sorry 2 say

Whatcha Nameis said...

killing , Idris Elba .
fcking , Tyrese .
marrying , Lance P:

tipsgul09 said...

Marry: Idris
def the husband type
Fuck: Tyrese
"baby boy style" lol!
Kill: Lance
def hate to, cuz he is too sexy!

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