Saturday, October 31, 2009

He's Got Money To Blow....On Food

Damn, I'm tryin' to get on his level. Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich ate lunch at Nello's in New York and the bill was $47,221.09. That don't make NO kind of sense. Most people dont even make that amount in a YEAR and he blew that in about 45 minutes. WOW!

According to TMZ.com, The check had an automatic gratuity of 20% -- $7,328 -- and the party threw down an extra $5,000, bringing the tip to 26%.

There were 10 people who feasted on the meal, which consisted of white truffles, filet mignon and expensive wine.

Shieeet, where's my invite?

FYI, this was the same place where Jay-Z and Beyonce ate and spent $1700.
[Source: TMZ]


C. Araujo said...

Wow how do they charge $12 for WATER? Lmao

NINA said...


tipsgul09 said...

That's what I'm screamin' C. How does anybody charge 12.00 for water. It doesn't even look as if it were bottled. Damn....

Joshua said...

I wanna be the waiter

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