Thursday, October 29, 2009

First Female Signed To Def Jam Says "Nicki Minaj Is NOT A Rapper"

Old Skool Rapper, Nikki D recently spoke to XXL.mag and didnt hold back in saying how she feels about Nicki Minaj.


XXLMag.com: So what do you think about some of the new female MCs that are out now?

Nikki D: There aren’t any out! Who’s out? You mean, Nicki Minaj? That’s not a rapper. That’s a girl with her ass on the screen. Nice hairdo and she’s saying some things but she’s not a rapper. She’s not an MC. She’s an artist. She’s an entertainer. There’s a difference. She can go out there and open her mouth and say whatever but people ain’t listening to her. They looking at her. And rapping is about the skill. It ain’t about your fat ass. It ain’t about your set of titties. It ain’t about that long-ass weave.

XXLMag.com: Damn, Nikki, want to let off any more steam?

Nikki D: I would like to say to everybody involved at the VH1, whoever was involved in Hip Hop Honors, all of the executives, everybody who had anything to do with that shit, you’re wrong for sitting there and watching that shit happen like that. It ain’t just about me but it’s about me and all the other people who were not included in that bill. There are a lot of other people besides Nikki D that wasn’t there but to just leave out the first female rapper signed? Yeah, that was some shitty shit.

Damn, sounds like a little animosity if you ask me. Is she right or wrong?

Source: XXL.mag
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Donielle K. said...

who the hell is she??? i don't see her rapping or spitting some bars. to me nicki minaj is a rapper. she just happens to have the look of a video vixen. she need to shut the hell up. she aint nobody to me but a shit talker hating on someone who is getting recognized.

lipstick cherry said...
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Ladii_Harlem said...

WTF Damn she a hater and who da f*ck is dat bi*ch anywea....

**5 Star Chick** said...

Sorry but I only found out who she was recently when she started pouting about not getting an invite to the Def Jam 25th Annv. anyhoo Minaj knows how to attract a fan base and make $$$ and thats all that matters

Anonymous said...

Minaj is garbage

Anonymous said...

she right tho on the real nicki says shes not focused on her sex image but every time you see her shes poking her butt and fixing her titties but nicki is irrelevant when it comes to the fact no one knows who she is.

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