Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A.J.'s Death Was "Allegedly" Over This Broad?

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Her name is Veronica M. Jones and she is co-owner of The Body Tap (the club’s liquor license is in her name). Her ex-husband, Fredrick “Cornbread” Richardson, is (allegedly) the man who police say struck AJ over the head with a beer bottle during a brawl on Friday night inside the club.

Sources say the fight spilled out into the parking lot where Jewell was stomped by unknown assailants. Jewell sustained head injuries from blunt force trauma to the brain. He was pronounced dead at Piedmont hospital.

Richardson was the money man who stayed behind the scenes. He kept himself low key and very rarely ventured outside his upstairs office during club hours. Even so, Fred was very well liked by celebrities and VIPs who exchanged thousands in cash for stacks of ones from Fred.

Sources also say Veronica and AJ were involved in a steamy sexual relationship that didn’t sit well with Fred. He [Fred] is hospitalized at Grady and will be charged with voluntary manslaughter.

Damn, that some foul and fucked up shit.

Source: Bossip


мiмi =) said...

wow. i hate to say this but, vajayjay aint even that serious, especially not to be gettin killed over. rip aj.

RavynRae said...

Wow....Interesting scoop!I REALLY hope that he wasn't messing with that girl behind Kandi's back. Besides..she looks gRoSs!

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