Wednesday, October 7, 2009

7 Things A Sistah Should Not Do

I was doin' my daily browsing of the net and came across this list of behaviors a black woman shouldn't do. This is not a verbal attack on anyone and I feel like this pertains to ALL women, but shiiieet I agreed with just about every damn one of them.

1. Booty Tootin'.
Basically makin' the fact that you MAY have an ass even more obvious. I see a lot of chicks doin this shit. We know you have an ass...damn.

2. Showing Your Stomach When You Shouldn’t Be.
I'm not tryna see your birthing history on ya stomach. If you done had 'bout 2-3 C-sections, cover that shit up. If you rockin that muffin top, dress in a way that still makes you look sexy, but not TRASHY.

3. Wearing Extra Tight Ass Clothes.
This is another thing that blows mine. If you a size 14 tryna get in a size 10, not goin happen. You just look ridiculous. This can be in conjuction with #2 also. Stop wearing smedium shirts if you are a large. Just accept the size you are or lose weight. Some women dont need to wear certain shit.

4. Crazy Colors In Your Hair.
Its cool to want to experiment with different shades of hair coloring, but if you rockin bright ass pink hair or got orange and blue track pieces, you look like a damn fool. I dont give a damn what nobody say.

5. Yelling At Your Kids Like They're Grown Ass People.
I'll be the first to admit that kids sometimes make you wanna pull your hair out. As a child care worker, I deal with it all the time. BUT, kids are gonna be kids. Its usually those young ass mothers (17-21), that scream and rant at they kids for the smallest, dumbest shit. Little Trayquan has to use the bathroom or gets some juice on his new outfit and you start actin a damn fool, cursin' and carrying on. You were a kid once, you probably did far worse.

6. Having An Unexplainable/Unnecessary Attitude.
There's always that one damn chick that has to be a complete and utter bitch. I'm keepin it real. She just has this "I'll whoop ya ass" for no reason attitude. Grumpy and irritable just because you wanna be a bitch. Cut that shit out. Yes, there are many things that stress us out, but to take it out on the WHOLE WORLD aint necessary. You dont have to pull that card all the time, if NEED BE however, then go 'head and do the damn thing.

7. Being Obnxiously Loud.
We hear what the hell you saying. Why oh why must you be so damn loud. I hate that with a passion. I can't even begin to tell you the number of times I've been somewhere and the loud ass person who is talking has inevitably drawn me into the conversation because they're talkin' like they're at a damn concert. Examples of loud for no reason females, comedian Mo'Nique and NeNe from "Real Housewives of Atlanta". Usage of celebrities is so that you can understand where the hell I'm comin from. Tell me they aint some loud for nothing females.

Feel free to add to the list. Come on sistahs, we gotta do better!!


Camtien♥ said...

lol girl, this is for every bitch out there..

kimee said...

soo true.


khaki said...

This is very, very true.

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