Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tiffany Evans' New Look

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Y'all remember Tiffany Evans right? She had the song "Promise Ring" with Ciara and she was in the Tyler Perry movie, "Diary Of A Mad Black Woman". Well here she is sporting her new look.

The red is a bit much in my opinion, but hey whatever floats ya damn boat.


NIC-KIA said...

damn shes pretty!
ive always wanted red hair...

мiмi =) said...

tryna get her keyshia cole on.
i think its actually cute, but i wonder,
would it have been too much to do the eyebrows? lls.

Tashur Raquel said...

woah, not feelin it

BrownSugarBabe said...

she should have went for a more natural red and yes she forgot the eyebrows. nonetheless she s still very pretty!

Anonymous said...

wow shes like really pretty but wat is she doin these days she has a amazing voice to i hope she makes a come back!!

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