Saturday, September 12, 2009

This Or That: Gangsta Or Gentleman?

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I personally like thuggish, aggressive type niggas. Not the type that dont know how to act in public or speak to me any kind of way -- hell nah. But physically, the type that got that bad boy vibe to him. I like the baggy clothes, the fitted hats and the earrings in the ears. I like the wife beater in the summer time kinda nigga. And OMG do I love me some tattoos. Ooooh tats make me um *coughs* horny. And I've always gone for older guys, at least 4-5 years older. Them young ones don't do it for me.

Do you prefer your man to be more sophisticated and reserved....or are you more attracted to the bad boy, thug type?
Older or younger? Why?


**5 Star Chick** said...

I’m with you I prefer guys on the thug(ish) type shit. But he has to be about some business and if need be he can transition to a business suit and feel just as comfortable. The age thing “I like em’ OLDER” for one thing it takes time for a guy really to grow up and BE a MAN and I don’t need a boy.

Bianca S. said...

i love sophisticated and reserved men. the kind of men i can take home and my parents would appreciate.

sunshinestar110 said...

I need a little thug in my life! I love them tatted up with an attitude! Don't get me wrong I want him to able to adapt to his environment. Needs be able to sit in on a corporate meeting and know what the hell is going on and still be able to hang wit the boys with street. He needs to be very diverse and not just stuck in one place.

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