Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Marry, F*ck, Kill: Weezy, Fabolous, Drake (Hip Hop Edition)

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I got this idea from a website.
Pretty self explanatory.
Which would you MARRY?
Which would you FUCK?
Which would you KILL? (not literally people)


Camtien♥ said...

Marry: Drake
Fuck: Weezy
Kill: Fab

I'd actually fuck Fab too...but whateva! lol

sunshinestar110 said...

Marry: Fabolous
Fuck: Drake
Kill: Lil Wayne

No fuck Wayne main man is fertile and has to many kids for me!

Eurydice said...

Marry: Drake
Fuck: Fab
Kill: Lil Wayne

Jasmyn said...

I'm with Camtien...

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