Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Other Woman

Why is it that when the majority of women catch their man cheating, they automatically wanna have beef with the other woman. The "other" chick doesnt have ANY fuckin obligation to you. If ya nigga is cheatin, you need to get in HIS ass, not hers. I understand the whole feeling betrayed and upset and for most women, its almost like a NATURAL reaction to wanna go after the women ya man is creepin with. BUT how can you really get mad at her? More than likely, the nigga prolly said "I'm single" or "I got somebody in the picture but it aint that serious". Some shit like that.

Granted, there are a lot of skalewags out there that just love gettin in the middle of a relationship. They prey on men who are involved because they wanna feel like they can take him from HER. But at the end of the day, the man makes a CHOICE.

And I cant stand that expression "A man is gonna be a man". Oh please, I personally feel that it takes a very WEAK man to give into temptation so quickly. If you have a good ass chick on ya arm, who loves and cherishes you, BUT you risk that to fuck the next bitch....you a fool.


lipstick cherry said...

amen to this!

Tha King said...

Like you said in your post. Most of the women. at least the ones Tha King comes across, don't respect the fact that your in a relationship. They don't don't respect because they have no respect for themselves. The same applies for men. Most men will smile in your face while they are telling your girl all the reasons that she should leave you.


Anonymous said...

couldnt agree with you more!!... it aint her fault your man is a cheater!!!... but ur right.. there are those girls who do it on purpose!! .. unfortunately... its still not her you should be worried about .. cause if not her, its gone be some other skalewag!

Anonymous said...

agree w you on this one. females constantly want to go after the other woman, when they really should be going upside the dudes head.

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