Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dear [Lil Wayne]...

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...imma seriously need you to WRAP it up. How many bitches you tryna impregnate? I mean damn, there's Toya, Nivea, Lauren London, the chick you just had a baby by....

and now ANOTHER one possibly on the way? You really are tryna FUCK every girl in the world aint u bruh?

According to mediatakeout.com,
.......Lil Wayne may have ANOTHER child on the way. A Los Angeles exotic dancer is reportedly telling her co-workers that she's knocked up by the platinum selling rapper.

The woman, who is of East Indian descent and works at the popular L.A.
men's club Spearmint Rhino, told her co-workers that she just learned of the pregnancy. And that she's discussed the baby with Lil Wayne - who wants her too keep it.
Damn, if thats true...you may wanna get yaself to the nearest CLINIC and stop fuckin everything wit a pussy.

Keep'n It Real, Harlem Missez


мiмi =) said...

&nd this is why i tell my fiance, a bitch may think he is sexy as hell, cause he is, but aint no way in hell i would sleep w. this man. too many chicks ready and willin and look what happens. boom . pregnant. aint that some shit?

Shadé said...

LMAOO this fool is a mess. I'm still pissed at Lauren London. SMDH, she is so pretty why would you get mixed up with Lil Wayene!!!!!!

Shadé said...

I mean Wayne* hehehe

tipsgul09 said...

Although, Lauren is very beautiful; so is Toya and Nivea isn't ugly. Wayne got to have sum else going on.....

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