Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hosea x Tamara

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I didnt even know the two were dating. Tamera Mowry and Hosea Sanchez (The Game) make a cute couple. I'm sure sis Tia had SOMETHING to do with this.

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Melanie! said...

aww they're cute!!

Anonymous said...

aaaww man! This just made my day! I had no idea and am actually very happy that they are dating. The truly are a cute couple..and i agree am sure Tia had something to do with it hehe..too cute

Camtien♥ said...

I love them together! I always used to think Tia look better than Tamera haha..they are twins but have differences.

Camtien♥ said...

btw, i love your video you are so adorable ahahah. i loveeee your beauty mark!

Chantale said...

Whow, this is some juicy freaking gossip, I had no idea. Good news-they look good together.....I love the video

Here.She.Is said...

they actaully look like a cute couple and i have to mention her hair. I love it! ive been sporting the curly pony tail headband look same one nearly but my hair aint as curly n nice as hers have to add much more frizz

Anonymous said...

they make a cute couple. i always thouse hosea was fine since i watched the game.

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