Saturday, July 25, 2009

Party Time

So....my gurls and I are gonna hang out tonight at the club. It's been a while since I shook my ass. I use to promote parties, but stopped a few months ago. Anyway,we all work together and have become very kool with each other. We planned on all goin out since last month but work schedules and other miscellaneous shit got in the way. I was up fuckin early as hell tryna find something to wear -- yea I was LATE wit it, but so what! I have my certain places that I go when I shop, so I knew it wouldnt be hard finding the outfit...but damn was it hard finding some SHOES.

I'm a 100% picky shoe shopper..shit, shoes MAKE the outfit. So I always make sure the shoes are up to par lol. I fucked up in the game tho, cause I bought the dress first smh. So I'm searching and searching for shoes to match my yellow and gold dress, and finally after 3 stores...I find THEM!!! Cute shit!!

I'll most likely post some pics of tonight, tomorrow!! XOXO

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