Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's Sad....

...a lot of people think they have to measure up to someone ELSE's standards in order to feel complete. Many people are not satisfied with themselves and look for the acceptance of others. Although it is something I ONCE related to, it's important to realize the importance of SELF-love and acceptance. Who the hell is the next person that you feel you have to accomodate them? Til the end of time, there's ALWAYS gonna be somebody to hate on you or make you feel inadequate. Know who you are and that you are..



BRIA said...

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tee said...

love the blog! so true, someones always gonna hate.

follow me =]


X_Skater_14_X said...

Nice blog.
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DJ said...

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Kim said...

I used to feel this way. Well, I still kinda do, but i'm working on it.

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