Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Got It Twisted: Try Again

I'm all for being your own person and having your own style, BUT these victims got it TWISTED. Take a look at these fashion DONT'S and please dont get caught out there like this.
Victim #1 - First of all, she is busted straight out of her clothes. Being big is beautiful, BUT get clothes that FIT. She's wearing a turtle-neck type shirt (I know she was hot) and has the nerve to put another article of clothing on top (which doesnt match at all). And I'm soooo sick of chicks wearing them black leggings every where they go. Yes, they are comfy (I have a few pairs) but put a lil more in ya style, especially when going to the club.
Victim #2 - She doesn't look AS BAD as victim #1, but she got it twisted too. She has on a smedium busstier and her tatas are damn near hanging out (big No-No). Then she has on white leggings (here we go again). She probably thought it was cool because the lettering is close in color to the top, but those were a BAD choice. It's too much going on with this outfit.
Victim #3 - I guess she was really trying to go for the RETRO look. She gets an A for effort but she got it twisted too. First off, why does she have on a sweater in a hot ass club? Then she has pants on with spray-painted lettering (where they STILL do that at?) She was trying to hard to do the matchy thing and the result just doesnt look good. The glasses are pretty cool, so she gets a point for that.

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